External timber & decking

Tighten the screws

We recently removed an old deck and replaced all but the posts with treated pine bearers and joists, and a spotted gum top. The deck is attached with pre-drilled 75 mm stainless steel screws. In recent heat the deck top seems to have become loose. Is this shrinkage, and if so how can we fix it? Read Answer

Changing decking colour

We have just added a beautiful spotted gum deck with cedar posts. We applied a big brand name sealant and the colour we used made it all a kind of yellow and 'dumbed down' the reds - we don't like it. Is there a clear one on the market? Read Answer

The ‘galvanised’ factor

Q: I'm keen to lay a deck using hardwood or CCA pine decking on CCA bearers. I am aware of a recommendation not to use galvanised fixings with CCA timber, and have noticed severe corrosion of bolts in contact with CCA. What fixings are best? Read Answer

Bleeding timber

Q: I am building a horizontal timber slat fence around a terrace that I will be tiling and I’m worried about leaching onto the tiles. If I use merbau (kwila), how long will it leach before I can tile the terrace? What other timbers can you suggest? Read Answer