Joinery & furniture

Finding and finishing jarrah

I’m looking to specify solid hardwood doors for a project in Alice Springs. I’m considering jarrah, with a simple low maintenance transparent coating to allow the natural grain and colour to show through. How do I source the material and specify the product and finish? Read Answer

Seasonal veneer movement

I am making a dining table from recycled ironbark. The top will have a veneered panel 2400 x 800. The client does not want paper-thin veneer so I’m milling to thickness. How thick can I make the veneer but still avoid seasonal movement? Read Answer

Flattening your slab

I have a raw edge marri slab cut from just off centre of log, it is 2.8 m long by 1.1 m wide and 50 mm thick dressed. It has been air-dried for years in a shed southwest of WA. Unfortunately, it has cupped about 12 mm. The slab will be attached to solid refectory base, so could I pull it flat rather than machine off the cupping? Read Answer

Finger-jointing adds stability

I sell window furnishings and am looking at introducing timber plantation shutters. Sales reps say variously: their product is best because it has no finger-joints, or that they are finger-jointed, making the product stronger and less likely to warp. Read Answer