Standards & codes

Will Glulam Take the Heat?

Is glulam a suitable structural material to use in a climate where annual temperatures vary between 20-40 degrees C? If so, would this extremely hot, dry climate adversely affect quality and structural properties? Read Answer

The LVL Beam Option

I want to move a wall about 6 m and need to put a support beam inside the roof to carry load and support the ceiling. What size would be suitable for this, with a column at each end? Read Answer

A Chemical Laden Environment

We are designing an aquatic centre and a company representative has recommended a 140 mm high treated timber packer over our Z-purlins. What type of pine is suitable for this chemical laden environment? Should we go with a hardwood? Read Answer

Exterior Rot on Poles

I have been living in a pole constructed home in North Queensland for about 16 years. Some poles are starting to rot on the outside (sapwood) from the base up the pole 4m on the weather side. Read Answer